Securing the ecosystem that supports citizen services.

Secure the services that State and Local governments provide to their citizens by understanding innovations in integrated infrastructure utilizing purpose-built OT and IoT devices.

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Protecting our vision of the future with smart cities.

Smart City initiatives like intelligent information and communication technology (ICT) and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms help reduce traffic congestion, energy and water consumption, crime, and improve services your city provides. Utilizing customized protocol analysis together with a passive, real time monitoring methodology, the Armis platform provides unparalleled insights for improving cyber resilience and data protection.


Improving resilience for public safety and first responders.

From law enforcement to emergency response services, the use of integrated ICT has proved its value in use cases such as fleet management, communications, physical security and life safety. Threat modeling for these device ecosystems requires high confidence security and vulnerability telemetry with near real time response actions. Utilizing data from the Armis Platform, security teams can transform their response process and minimize interruption to services.


Preserving the trust of our citizens by fiscally responsible investment of taxpayer money.

Understanding operating budget challenges, the Armis Platform accounts for utilization data not only as a means for improving operations, securing data and cost management, but also as the lens through which information security can transform its ability to improve resiliency and customer satisfaction tied to investments in digital transformation of services provided to citizens.


Benefits of the Armis Platform


Full Device Visibility

Continuous Passive Tracking

Vulnerability Gap Analysis

Automated Network Segmentation

Automated Policy Enforcement

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