Security for Federal and Local Government

Secure Connected Devices
Protect National & Local Security

Federal and local governments across the globe need to manage many complex systems to run the critical infrastructure that powers and protects their citizens. This includes the millions of connected devices in use every day, from computers and smartphones to new smart devices to building systems - a web of interwoven sensors across multiple municipalities’ infrastructure and utilities. These devices run everyday government business and operations, and help key public safety departments such as emergency management and disaster assistance to become more knowledgeable and efficient, enabling reduced costs and improved service delivery across their ecosystem. While critical to national and local security, many of these devices are not secure. This puts sensitive data, systems, operations, and citizens safety at risk. Armis helps governments leverage the  connected devices used to deliver faster and better public services without compromising the safety of citizens.

Armis Designated as US FedRAMP Ready

Just as Armis is purpose-built for a new age of agentless device security, Armis offers Armis FedRamp Edition (AFE) to support government organizations looking for the same level of security with US-based sovereignty.  Armis has achieved the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Ready designation, and is now listed in the FedRAMP Marketplace for federal agencies.

Securing State and Local Governments

State and local governments are experiencing the same growth in devices to drive more efficiency, service their communities, and automate buildings, streets, and infrastructure. Systems designed to deliver better services, public safety, transportation, or power must be protected.

Recent ransomware attacks against major cities have been costly and disruptive. The costs for remediation, new hardware, and lost or deferred revenue can be significant. Armis continually monitors every device in your environment for suspicious or malicious activity - whether it is on or off the network - managed or unmanaged. If a threat is identified, the platform can automatically quarantine the suspicious device to stop attacks on your business.

See Every Asset. Every Risk.

The Armis agentless device security platform lets you see every device on or off your network ⁠— roadway sensors, environmental sensors, cameras, chemical and biosensors, or rogue devices. Traditional security solutions can’t do this. The Armis platform can:

  • Generate a real-time inventory of all devices
  • Identify and assess risks according to twelve different attributes
  • Automate security policy enforcement

Respond Quickly to Threats

The Armis platform continually monitors every device on your network for suspicious or malicious activity. If a threat is identified, the platform can automatically quarantine the suspicious device to stop attacks on your business. The Armis platform also integrates with your existing network infrastructure and enforcement points like firewalls and NAC, extending their value.

The Armis platform's deep device insights don’t just come from the devices themselves, but from understanding the context and behavior associated with each device. We understand because of the Armis Device Knowledgebase. It understands how a device is being used, and when it begins acting suspiciously or as if it has been compromised.