Protect Patient Safety

Armis helps you see all connected medical devices to manage cyber risk.
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Protect Devices & Patients

New connected medical devices give you the ability to provide even better care, but vulnerabilities in these devices can put patient health and safety at risk. How do healthcare providers open the door to these new technologies in a way that also protects patients and their sensitive health information?

Armis provides visibility into the associated risks of every device in your environment. From patient monitors to infusion pumps and everything in between, our platform tells you what devices are at risk and how you can secure them without compromise.

Understand Medical Device Risks

According to a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Armis, 64% of healthcare delivery organizations have more IoT devices on their networks than computers, and 85% are “very to extremely concerned” about the risks these devices pose.

Armis provides unparalleled visibility in these risks by calculating a risk score for every device based on factors like vulnerabilities, known attack patterns, and the behaviors associated with each device. Armis also includes an extensive CVE and compliance database, and includes FDA and MDS2 device alerts. This risk information and scoring helps your security team understand your attack surface and meet compliance with regulatory frameworks that require identification and prioritization of vulnerabilities.

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Secure Patient Health Information

Protected Health Information (PHI) can be just as valuable on the black market as one-time ransomware attacks. In fact, healthcare has the highest data breach cost of any industry today, and breaches have regulatory consequences. 

The Armis platform’s risk management and threat detection & response capabilities help security teams reduce the likelihood and impact of potential breaches and the theft of patient data. Our platform helps HDOs proactively identify and triage risky devices, insecure protocols, and vulnerable operating systems and software. And our 100% passive behavioral analysis of devices can identify suspicious activity like transmission of unencrypted PHI or passwords in cleartext

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