Armis for the Enterprise

Agentless device security for the enterprise of things.

Secure the enterprise of things.

Enterprises are experiencing a massive influx of new, connected devices in the workplace. These provide improved productivity, collaboration, insights, and convenience, but not without risk. These devices lack built-in security controls, they can't easily receive software updates, and they can't host agents, leaving them unseen and unmonitored by traditional enterprise cyber security products.

Agentless. Passive. Comprehensive.

Today's digital workplace depends on connected devices to drive higher productivity, greater efficiency, and better organizational results. Armis is the first agentless, completely passive enterprise cyber security platform to address the new threat landscape of connected devices. Its unique technology continuously discovers and profiles devices in your environment, analyzes their behavior to identify risks and attacks, and automatically protects you from suspicious or malicious activity.

Network Infrastructure
Network Infrastructure

See every device,
every connection.

The Armis platform discovers every managed, unmanaged, and IoT device in your environment including off-network ones using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other IoT protocols. The platform maintains a comprehensive device inventory of critical information like device manufacturer, model, serial number, location, username, operating system, installed applications, and connections made over time. It also calculates device risk scores based on factors like vulnerabilities, known attack patterns, and unusual behavior.

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Analyze device behavior for risks.

The Armis Threat Detection Engine continuously monitors the behavior of every device on your network and in your airspace for behavioral anomalies. The platform compares the real-time behavior of each device with:

  • Historical device behavior
  • Behavior of similar devices in your environment
  • Behavior of similar devices in other environments
  • Common attack techniques
  • Information from threat intelligence feeds
Network Infrastructure
Network Infrastructure

Block risky devices automatically.

When the Armis platform detects a threat, it can alert your security team and trigger automated action to stop an attack. Through integration with your switches and wireless LAN controllers, as well as your existing security enforcement points, the platform can restrict access or quarantine suspicious or malicious devices. This automation gives you peace of mind that an attack on any device - managed or unmanaged - will be stopped, even if your security team is busy with other priorities.

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Agentless and passive security that sees, identifies, and classifies every device, tracks behavior, identifies threats, and takes action automatically to protect critical information and systems.

Find out how enterprise security managers are dealing with the explosion of unmanaged and IoT devices in their environment.

Armis fills the gap left by traditional security tools.





  • Provides continuous monitoring and response for managed computers
  • Requires an agent
  • 100% agentless
  • Effective on managed, unmanaged, and IoT devices

  • Protects the network perimeter and core
  • Focused on network traffic, not device behavior
  • No device knowledgebase
  • Protects devices at the access layer
  • Focused on device state and behavior
  • Deep understanding of device behavior

  • Assumes the network is trusted
  • Discovers devices on enterprise networks only
  • Can’t detect threats or compromised devices
  • Assumes Zero Trust
  • Discovers devices on network and in the airspace (Bluetooth, etc.)
  • Assesses device risk and threats

  • Tracks the behavior of users
  • Looks for anomalies in user behavior
  • No device tracking
  • Tracks the behavior of devices
  • Compares behavior against our Device Knowledgebase
  • Understands “good” vs. "bad" behavior

See Every Thing

Every Device

Every Connection

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