What is CAASM?

Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM) tools use API integrations to connect with existing data sources to monitor and assess the entire attack surface, identify potential vulnerabilities, and take proactive measures to prevent cyber attacks.

What is CAASM?

From Chaos to Control: Simplifying Cybersecurity Asset Management

Get Full Asset Visibility

Benefit from a powerful and streamlined approach to asset management that enables you to stay on top of your inventory.

Identify Gaps
Identify IT Gaps

Quickly uncover and eliminate gaps and optimize your IT network security.

Contextualize Every Asset

Leverage the Armis Collective Asset Intelligence Engine to contextualize each asset and mitigate risk.

Policy Enforcement

Define policies to enforce security controls on your devices and ensure compliance with regulations and industry standards.

Comprehensive and Accurate Asset inventory

Discover and classify every device across any environment, including connected devices on and off your network that most traditional agent-based tools miss.

Armis platform screenshot

Gaps and Vulnerabilities

Get a comprehensive view of your complete attack surface and the information you need to mitigate risk.

Contextualize Every Asset

Classify assets and detect threats with a high degree of accuracy by comparing real-time asset state and behavior to “known-good” baselines for similar assets.

Collective Asset Intelligence Engine
Armis platform screenshot

Policy Enforcement

Quickly and easily create automated, policy-based actions for virtually any situation. Trigger vulnerability scans on new devices, create CMDB entries for new devices, file trouble tickets, and so much more.

“We are looking at Armis as a new way to gain insights into our network. It only takes a little bit of effort on our part to get an enormous amount of information. Prior to Armis, the amount of work it would take to collect that data would be beyond our capabilities.”

Brian Schultz
Director of Network Operations and Security
Burke Rehab Hospital

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