Identifying Vulnerable Apps

Providing deeper visibility to secure gaps and risks.

Identifying Vulnerable Apps

Beyond identifying the assets, Armis can identify vulnerable apps running on devices. Our integrations with your IT and security management solutions, along with our deep device identification and classification, allow you to see the applications running on devices, and if there are vulnerabilities, such as:
  • Is the device missing an agent?
  • Is the device running an unpatched version of Chrome?
  • Is the device running an exploitable version of VxWorks or other RTOS?

Armis lets you track:

  • Managed devices
  • Unmanaged and IoT devices
  • Mobile devices
  • Virtual Machines
  • Cloud Instances
  • Specialized devices (medical, healthcare, manufacturing, OT, etc.)
  • Users

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Just ASQ

Armis identifies vulnerable applications in two ways. First, if we identify a vulnerable app or device, we will automatically alert you. Second, we provide the powerful Armis Standard Query (ASQ) to get an understanding of each device, its state, and any security gaps or exposures you may have.

By connecting to your existing management and security solutions and your network infrastructure, Armis delivers a trusted, comprehensive, and unified asset inventory of the devices in your environment.

See every device.

See every connection.

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