Automate Security Policy Enforcement

Ensure the appropriate action is taken when risks are identified.

Automate Policy Enforcement

When Armis identifies a vulnerability, risk, or security gap, we can automatically orchestrate the necessary actions in conjunction with your IT or security management solutions, or at the network level. This includes actions like blocking or quarantining a device, triggering a vulnerability scan, if appropriate, you can initiate a process to install software, or feed device risk data to your SIEM or CMDB. You can also trigger:
  • Block or quarantine a device
  • Trigger a vulnerability scan
  • Deploy software
  • Update device information
  • Create an incident in a Ticket System
  • Feed device data to SIEM
  • Create a CMDB entry
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Aggregate. Correlate. Orchestrate.

Armis identifies and classifies all devices, aggregating info across your IT and security management tools to provide the most comprehensive inventory of assets available.

Armis correlates each device’s type, behavior, state, and activity against its Device Knowledgebase, as well as policies to determine risks or exposures.

When gaps or risks exist, Armis can automate policy and security enforcement such as blocking or quarantining a device, triggering a scan, or installing needed software.

See every device.

See every connection.

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