Agentless device security for pharmaceutical and life sciences.


Secure critical manufacturing & research devices.​

In the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries, three areas of the business lack robust security controls because the devices in these areas can’t be seen or protected by traditional security tools.

  • Manufacturing. Validation requirements, outdated devices, production uptime, and the general sensitivity of the manufacturing environment make traditional, agent-based security systems difficult to apply. In addition, known software vulnerabilities in these labs are rarely patched because downtime is too costly to the business
  • R&D and QA/QC labs.These are hotbeds of innovation or production.Researchers and scientists can’t have disruption or be slowed down by for re-validating a device. Agent-based security solutions are a non-starter. As a result, the security team cannot adequately monitor or secure these instruments.
  • Corporate Offices.Common devices such as IP phones & cameras,smart TVs, HVAC systems, etc. are being connected to the enterprise network on a daily basis. All of these unmanaged and IoT devices are vulnerable to attack, because they can’t be secured or monitored by onboard agents. They are risks waiting to be attacked.

Solution Brief

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