State Of Enterprise IoT Security In North America:
Unmanaged And Unsecured

Read how enterprise security managers are dealing with the explosion of unmanaged and IoT devices in their environment.* According to the “State Of Enterprise IoT Security In North America: Unmanaged And Unsecured” study that was commissioned* by Armis:
  • 69% of enterprises have more IoT devices on their networks than computers
  • 84% of security professionals believe IoT devices are more vulnerable than computers
  • 67% of enterprises have experienced an IoT security incident
  • Only 16% of enterprise security managers say they have adequate visibility to the IoT devices in their environments
  • 93% of enterprises are planning to increase their spending on security for IoT and unmanaged devices
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*This commissioned study was conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Armis.

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