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Research Brief

Discover Why IT and Operations Leaders are Struggling with OT and IT Asset Monitoring and What to do About It

Proliferating IT, IoT, and operational technology (OT) devices are at once a boon to organizational efficiency and productivity and a rapidly growing monitoring and management headache. More devices mean more potential attack points for cyber criminals, so tracking assets, monitoring their status, and keeping software up to date is critical. It’s also a complex new challenge that most organizations are struggling with, according to the latest research.

The Computing Out of sight out of control: How to overcome your IT and OT asset monitoring challenges research report summarizes recent survey findings on device monitoring and management from 149 IT and operations decision makers across diverse industries and company sizes. Read the report to learn:

  • How your device monitoring and security posture compares to respondent organizations
  • What organizations are struggling with, when it comes to monitoring and managing devices
  • Why unified visibility and control of all managed and unmanaged IT, OT, IoT, and IIoT devices is key to mitigating widespread security threats and reducing administrative burdens.

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