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Learn how Cleveland Independent School District deployed Armis, instantly increasing security and maximizing budget.


We’re making million-dollar decisions based on the data that Armis provides us. In the long run, that translates to significant savings.

Nguyen Bui
Director of IT
Cleveland Independent School District

Laying the Groundwork for a Consistent and Effective Security Foundation

The Education environment is complex and is often faced with fewer resources for IT security. Distance learning, online collaboration, and video conferencing have become an intrinsic part of teaching from elementary (K-12) schools through universities. The COVID pandemic forced schools and universities to further adapt to multiple devices connecting to their networks from multiple locations. As a result, the device ecosystems supporting these transformations have had to evolve from traditional IT infrastructure to consumer technologies.

Higher Education environments that include administrative, academic, and research functions typically present a challenge when it comes to knowing what is out there and how it is protected. Many K-12 schools and universities lack a cohesive infrastructure and a consistent approach to security in their environment. 

K-12 environments that have a less robust cybersecurity framework can leverage a solution like Armis to simplify their environment and take the risk out of knowing what enters, exists, and extends your vulnerability so your teams can do more with less. Armis helps bring consistency to a view of what exists in the environment within all segments without adding to the laborious task of updating and installing agents.

The Armis Platform Can Help

Armis brings simplicity to a complex learning environment that can be difficult to secure.

Creates minimal network impact while collecting data

Helps justify security investments based on hard data

Deploys quickly and easily

Monitors and classifies devices in real time for fast, granular reporting

Provides total visibility to managed devices and unmanaged BYOD across the entire environment

Speeds time to identify improperly secured and rogue assets for faster detection and response

Triggers faster and more accurate incident response through real-time behavioral analysis

Reduces the number of security tools needed, saving time and costs

Integrates with existing tool set for remediation, automation, and orchestration tools


Technology innovation will continue to be a critical capability for colleges and universities. Securing these operations is not an optional priority, but, rather a crucial imperative.

John O’Brien

Simplify the Procurement Process

To better serve our customers, Armis is listed on a variety of contract vehicles, including the GSA MAS, SEWP, and others.

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