Armis Standard Query (ASQ)

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IT and security operations teams need continuous visibility into their networks, devices, applications, vulnerabilities and more. From managed, unmanaged, medical, OT, and IoT devices, with Armis Standard Query (ASQ), you can search for information about devices, vulnerabilities, services, traffic, connections, users, policies and much more — the combinations are virtually endless. 

  • What are they connecting to? 
  • Who is using them? 
  • Are they behaving suspiciously?
  • What applications are unpatched?
  • How many devices are impacted by the latest exploit just announced?

How ASQ Works

The ASQ tool is central to almost every activity you perform in the Armis Platform. ASQ has an easy-to-use query builder which can easily zero in on sophisticated combinations of criteria with just a few clicks. The syntax is simple, yet powerful and easy to comprehend. It’s easy to search through numerous categories and add additional levels to any query to quickly get the information you need.

  • A simple, yet powerful tool
  • Search with precision and accuracy
  • Results that let you take action
  • Peace of mind - knowing your network is secure

ASQ: Find data.
Drive compliance.

When you need to quickly understand what your devices are on your network or what they are doing to ensure that you’re compliant with regulations or standards, ASQ helps. For example, take medical devices that may be sending PHI data unencrypted across the network or foreign-manufactured devices that have been banned for usage by government contractors. You not only need to find them, but also perform actions such as removing them from the network or changing their configurations - and then reporting on compliance. ASQ let’s you quickly find those devices and create policies to address the situation.

Devices Exhibiting Poor Behavior

Almost all networks have some devices where certain usage should be strictly limited to only specific, approved actions. Behavioral analysis, particularly for unmanaged or IoT devices, is difficult if not impossible with traditional tools. Knowing when this type of activity is occurring will allow security teams to quickly identify and rectify the situation. ASQ helps those security teams uncover these behaviors and allow for not only the identification of the activity, but also to help cross-reference those users who violated those policies.

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