PwnedPiper: 9 vulnerabilities in critical healthcare infrastructure.

Understanding the threat for 80% of major hospitals in North America.

Critical Infrastructure Lies in Plain Sight

Armis researchers have identified a set of nine critical vulnerabilities in the leading solution for pneumatic tube systems (PTS) in North America – the Translogic PTS system by Swisslog Healthcare. The Swisslog PTS system is vital to hospital operations as it automates logistics and the transport of materials like lab specimens, blood products, and more via a network of pneumatic tubes.

Their research reveals how these vulnerabilities can enable an unauthenticated attacker to take over Nexus stations and essentially gain complete control over the PTS network of a target hospital, severely curtailing the hospital’s operations. 

With vulnerabilities such as PwnedPiper becoming more and more common, it is now more important than ever for healthcare delivery organizations to understand how to shore up their defenses and protect critical hospital infrastructure.


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