Secure the
patient journey.

Passive discovery of every connected device in your environment without disruption.

Unparalleled Device Intelligence to Secure the Patient Journey

Keeping your fingers on the pulse takes a whole new meaning when your healthcare organization is dealing with a trifecta of changes starting with transforming care delivery, navigating through challenging revenue streams while adjusting to the realities of the connected enterprise.

These shifts warrant re-imagining the security strategy that will protect the device ecosystem that powers tomorrow’s healthcare delivery and it starts today with a fresh approach to vulnerability management and asset visibility.

Read this whitepaper focused on healthcare technology vulnerabilities to learn how to get:

  • Continuous non-intrusive monitoring for vulnerabilities
  • Correlate vulnerability data to baselined device behaviors
  • Calculate risk based on high confidence device profile data

Vaccinating Vulnerabilities Whitepaper

Bridging information security with clinical requirements.

Secure non-traditional and medical devices

Keep pace with evolving risk profiles and new technologies with the most comprehensive Device Knowledgebase allowing you to quarantine and patch immediately.


Operational continuity for patient safety.

Passive scanning and risk assessment ensure patient care is not disrupted and downtime is avoided.

Real-time Assessment

See and define every device across your environment in real-time so you can take action based on utilization.


Non-Intrusive & Passive Footprint

Zero operational impact is the way to go. Utilizing a passive approach when monitoring your network as well as vendor managed networks.