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Securing the Ecosystem that Supports Citizens and Public Safety

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Real-time Insights for Improving Cyber Resilience and Data Protection

State and local governments are key targets for cyber adversaries and the frequency of attacks is accelerating. According to the FBI, local government entities within the government facilities sector (GFS) represented the second most targeted group. Ransomware attacks on local governments may result not only in the disruption of services, but also in the compromise of data, and can have significant impact on local communities.

Many state and local government agencies depend on legacy data systems that lack resilience to cyberattacks. These systems often grapple with resource and budget limitations that make both defending against and remediating ransomware attacks more difficult. They rely on outdated technologies in an environment where the threat surface grows daily!

At the same time, smart city initiatives like intelligent information and communication technology (ICT) and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms help reduce traffic congestion, energy and water consumption, crime, and improve services your city provides. With an increase in OT/IOT devices, many public sector organizations experience a “visibility gap” where IT and security leaders can’t see all the vulnerable assets within their environment. The public sector can no longer depend on conventional perimeter-based defenses to protect critical systems and data.

Fortunately The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act provides $1 Billion to State and Local Governments to strengthen their cybersecurity posture and provide much needed assistance for stakeholders outside the U.S. Federal Government.

How Do You Simplify Something so Complex?
The Armis Solution Can Help

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Unifies visibility into managed devices and unmanaged devices.

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Passive Solution

Easy to deploy, and has no effect on network performance

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Asset Management

Provides total digital asset management including detailed device profiles and risk assessments

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Threat Detection

Improves threat detection and response by continuously analyzing the behavior of every device – this means you have real intelligence about each asset

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Risk Assessment

Dynamically updates risk scores in real-time and triggers policy-based actions that can mitigate risks and attacks proactively

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Cybersecurity and Risk Management are the Number One Priority for State CIOs, According to NASCIO

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To better serve our customers, Armis is listed on a variety of contract vehicles, including the GSA MAS, SEWP, and others.

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State and Local Governments Are a Top Target of Cyberattacks

Improve cybersecurity in the public sector with Armis

State and Local Government Resources

Closing Hidden Security Gaps in Zero Trust Architectures

The president has issued executive orders for shoring up IT infrastructure security, and establishing a Zero Trust architecture strategy for government agencies.

Armis Achieves Final FedRAMP Authorization

The Armis platform has achieved final “Authorized” status from the United States government’s Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP).

Identify IT Gaps

Watch this video to learn how Armis can help your business identify any potential gaps in your host security deployments.