Senior SW Engineer

Tel Aviv


About the role:

Armis is looking for a Generalist Software Engineer with broad experience building state-of-the-art services and systems to join our Dev-Infra Group. 

The Solutions (within the dev-infra group) team is focused on building the tools that serve all the company’s internal needs. For example, you will be creating robust systems that will

  • Build a system for managing Armis’s IoT devices which spread around the world
  • Build Armis’s customer-facing notifications system
  • Enable engineers to provision environments
  • Sales teams to create new customers
  • And more

What you’ll be doing as a team member:

  • Take initiative - got a great idea that'll make our team's day-to-day better? Let's hear it!
  • Design, plan, build and maintain the underlying infrastructure used by all of Armis’s engineering teams
  • Implement systems that are highly resilient and self-healing with the intent of replacing Alerts and Ops work with automation wherever possible


What you'll need:

  • 4+ years developing software projects
  • 2+ years working with Infrastructure As Code tools
  • 1+ years working with UI frameworks
  • Passion for developing tools that other love to use

Projects you could work on:

We have lots of big projects planned, which is why we’re hiring! Below are some of the projects in our roadmap:

  • Build a system for managing our MicroServices on Kubernetes, which includes Frontend, Backend, and DevOps’ish tasks
  • Migrate our old docker-compose based infrastructure to helm charts, in an automatic manner, without downtime and Ops work
  • Build CD flow for the development process, deploy our environment for each pull request/branch for each commit and publish a preview link
  • Give tooling for our customers to diagnose their network equipment

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