Senior Full Stack Engineer

Tel Aviv


About the position:

Do you have what it takes to build and maintain a complex, data-driven, user friendly web application? Potential candidates will join a highly-skilled team that is responsible to fetch, manipulate and display data to the end-user. Providing the user with a UI which is fast, smooth, and informative is considered a success, despite having to work with huge data sets. Working closely with other dev teams, product managers, QA engineers, data analysts, operations and architects.

Responsibilities include:

  • Build and maintain a complex web application.
  • Decide on architecture of new components.
  • Decide on architecture of new models, and how to effectively deliver them to the client.
  • Write code both on client side and server side (i.e. full-stack).
  • Write queries against large databases.
  • Work with other teams on cross-company features.
  • Work with remote production environments (cloud services)


Ideal candidates will have:

  • At least 3 years experience of developing a complex web application.
  • Expert in JS, CSS and HTML (knowledge of ES6 and React are a plus).
  • Experience with server side concepts (knowledge of Python is a plus).
  • Experience with relational databases (knowledge of SQL is a plus).
  • Experience in full-stack development is a plus.Join our awesome team if you’re:
  • Intelligent, curious and love to learn and explore new depths in the technology you use every day.
  • Willing and able to meet a challenge head-on, solve problems independently and make things happen.
  • Open minded, flexible and thrive in a highly dynamic, fast-paced, ever-changing environment.
  • A team player who understands that the only way to solve large problems is with teamwork and mutual support.

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