Senior Backend Engineer (Data)

Tel Aviv


Senior Backend Engineer

Armis Data Infrastructure team is responsible for shaping and improving Armis data ingestion, storage, processing, governance and serving infrastructure. 

It is also responsible for making the work of a data scientist and engineers easier by providing reliable infrastructure on which training and predictions can be tested and delivered into production.

We work closely with other R&D teams to enable them to become agile and efficient with data.

As a fast growing company, we face new challenges every day with regards to the scale of our data, and the ability to process it faster, and to be able to query it.

We are processing Billions of events every day, and Petabytes of raw data every day, and this is just the beginning..

Armis R&D strives to hire highly independent, innovative and responsible engineers who share our passion for technology, quality and speed.


  • Design and implement all aspects of data infrastructure tooling: ingestion, storage, orchestration, processing and serving. You will acquire in-depth experience and knowledge in technologies such as Kafka, Spark, Data lakes and many more.
  • Improve the data-science infrastructure
  • Work with teams across the R&D to provide guidance and collect requirements related to our data infrastructure.



  • 3+ years of software engineering experience
  • Experience in designing, building, and maintaining a scalable backend applications
  • Experienced with a variety of database, DWH, and data lake technologies (ElasticSearch / Postgres / MySql / BigQuery / S3 etc)
  • Experience with enterprise-scale products 
  • Experience in distributed cloud products - advantage
  • Experience in Python - advantage
  • Experience in Scala - advantage
  • Experience with Kubernetes/Docker - advantage
  • Experience with AWS - advantage
  • Knowledge of the cyberspace - advantage
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

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