Application Infra Team Lead

Tel Aviv


Armis infrastructure is on steroids, as we are not an ordinary SaaS. We are deployed in multiple regions, have on-premises setups, and need to manage components that run in the client network on top of our cloud infrastructure.

Our scale is huge, handling tens of billions of events and digesting Terabytes of data per day. 

In the Architecture group, we are looking for an Application Infrastructure team lead.

Our mission is to provide an amazing developer experience, building application infrastructure, production planning, performance, stability, and scale. As we are a small team, we strive to build all as a service for other engineers to be easily reused. We have huge challenges related to hyper-growth of engineering, application and data scale.

The Role

  • Lead the Application Infrastructure team - Be responsible for all aspects of software development - from technologies, security, scalability and reliability, to processes and people development.
  • Manage the day to day tasks, and also create a road map for our infrastructure components which is based on our business requirements. 
  • Building tools to make our infrastructure scalable, and robust.
  • Working closely with all the Engineering and DevOps teams, taking full responsibility and ownership from conception to post-deployment in a collaborative, fast-paced environment.
  • Drive technical excellence, high product quality, innovation, and timely delivery in an agile, production critical environment


Your Experience & Skills

  • +3 years in managing engineering teams. 
  • 5 years hands-on experience in server-side development.
  • Experience with the following technologies/tools/fields: Messaging (RabbitMQ, Kafka etc), async programming, Monitoring and Visibility (Log shipping, Prometheus, Health check etc), build tools such as Bazel.
  • Experience with architecture methodologies and paradigm like micro-services, distributed systems and more.
  • Experience in dealing with performance and high scale systems.
  • Good skills of seeing a big picture and system architecture planning.
  • Team player, egoless, strong communication skills, and empathy.

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