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AWS Marketplace

Speed, Simplicity and Scalability through Armis on AWS Marketplace

Armis Centrix™, the cyber exposure management platform is available on AWS marketplace, extending the benefits of transacting via AWS marketplace to Armis and AWS customers.

Armis on AWS Marketplace
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Armis Centrix™ Available on AWS Marketplace

Faster Procurement and Deployment

By leveraging existing AWS accounts and billing – a familiar and trusted marketplace – AWS customers have a more efficient way to purchase Armis, through a streamlined contract negotiation and procurement, that better enables them to fully utilize their budgets. Also, joint customers are able leverage their unspent AWS credits to purchase through Marketplace when they might not have the budget otherwise to do so.

AWS also enables Armis customers to deploy software instantaneously anywhere in the World.

Armis Centrix™ Platform Diagram
Armis AWS marketplace integrated billing illustration

Easier and More Efficient Billing

Integrated billing on AWS Marketplace is very straightforward: one dashboard where all the costs appear. By purchasing Armis Centrix™ through the AWS Marketplace, customers will have seamless integration with existing billing processes, without disrupting their existing flow. This is a perfect match for how Armis seamlessly integrates with existing IT and security stacks to quickly deliver the contextual intelligence needed for improving an organization’s security posture, without disrupting current operations or workflows.

Key benefits of Armis Centrix™

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Full Device Visibility
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Continuous Passive Tracking
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Vulnerability Gap Analysis
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Automated Network Segmentation
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Automated Policy Enforcement

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