OMDIA On the Radar: The Armis Visibility Platform spans IoT, IT, and OT assets

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Armis offers an agentless asset intelligence platform. Initially designed for Internet of Things (IoT) devices but now also utilized for OT, healthcare, and traditional IT environments, the platform looks to provide an asset inventory, identify security issues, and pave the way for response actions with a range of integrations.

Why put Armis on your radar?

Armis’s roots in IoT make it a significant player in the market. With over 2 billion devices tracked, and tens of millions of device behavioral profiles identified, it has a solid background of intelligence and data to secure a wide range of devices. However, compared to OT and IT in number of deployments, IoT has some “catching up” to do. Thus, Armis has taken its offering of asset intelligence to both OT and IT settings, as well as IoT, compared to some other vendors that tend to focus on IT in combination with OT and IoT.

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